The short term effects of the Haiti earthquake are buildings and roads destroyed, lack of food and clean drinking water, and lack of temporary shelter and drugs and medicines. The long term effects are the economic problems of trying to rebuild houses and businesses, and children who have been left with no parents. We believe that Rotarians can best assist Haiti with the long term goals.

This can be achieved by: 1. Preparation of the club to respond to national or international disasters in close collaboration with other New York Rotary Clubs, the District Governor and Rotary International. In particular, to work closely with the Rotary International Action Groups to ensure coordination and consistency for Rotary assistance. 2. To acquaint Rotary Club of New York members with avenues for giving and assisting with the Rotary Club Partnerships in recipient countries. 3. To work closely with the New York Rotary Foundation on disaster contributions and earmarking of the donor’s contributions.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Offer to set up a Social Networking Group

Dear Ms. Hahn and respectful colleagues,

Thanks for forwarding the draft. I attended the January 20th breakfast meeting as a guest of Hugh Fox. I felt so honored to be there with such enthusiastic and philanthropic leaders. I was most moved by their deep-hearted efforts to find out action-oriented practical solutions for people in disaster.

As Hugh announced, I would be happy to give my hand in setting up the web focal-center for networking and administering the recovery actions. The network will also enable each Rotarian Action Group to promptly report the current situations in Haiti and share what they have done with the donated money, not only through the web site but also by their mobile phones. Any information posted to the center will be shared instantaneously through emails as well.

I believe Hugh, the focal point, will provide me with the information necessary for the networking. In the mean time, please let me know, should you have any additional thoughts/requests related to the web focal-center.

Most respectfully yours,


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