The short term effects of the Haiti earthquake are buildings and roads destroyed, lack of food and clean drinking water, and lack of temporary shelter and drugs and medicines. The long term effects are the economic problems of trying to rebuild houses and businesses, and children who have been left with no parents. We believe that Rotarians can best assist Haiti with the long term goals.

This can be achieved by: 1. Preparation of the club to respond to national or international disasters in close collaboration with other New York Rotary Clubs, the District Governor and Rotary International. In particular, to work closely with the Rotary International Action Groups to ensure coordination and consistency for Rotary assistance. 2. To acquaint Rotary Club of New York members with avenues for giving and assisting with the Rotary Club Partnerships in recipient countries. 3. To work closely with the New York Rotary Foundation on disaster contributions and earmarking of the donor’s contributions.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Metro NY Club doantes $5,000 for Rotary Shelter Boox

Dear Karl,

Thanks very much for your email. Our Club already donated 5k to the Rotarian organization shelter box who was there already right after it happened. I have passed on your email to other friends, colleagues etc to support your efforts as well.
Unfortunately i wont be able to be at the charter celebration of the new walls tr club( i m in Germany bec. my grandma passed away) but i m crossing my fingers and wishing them all the best. I m in contact with Susanne to see how we can set up an international project together with our club or how else we can grow the "youngsters" together.

greetings from Germany, Nadine

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